Road Weather Forecasts
Travel impacts can be a major source of stress to the transportation industry and business. Weather conditions can affect road surfaces differently and uniquely. The science of road weather requires more than just forecasting ability. It requires experience and intelligent interpretation of meteorological information with beneficial applications to the transportation industry, departments of transportation and businesses.
DayWeather has the experience in not only providing accurate road weather forecasts but also the ability to communicate the forecast information to all stakeholders (government, public and industry). Our meteorologists offer customized road weather forecasts to fit your needs.
Weather Data & RWIS Data Management
  • Organizing, document and archiving weather data and real-time RWIS data
Instrument Assessment

  • Assistance in choosing proper and applicable road weather instrumentation
  • Coordination and aid with instrument citing and placement
Post-Analysis & Case Study Research

  • Research and post-analysis studies on high-impact events
  • Identifying trends between weather data and traffic management
  • Participating in any federal or government funded projects

  • Assisting in establishing relationships with other relevant organizations/entities
  • Professional applied weather training services
Training and Instruction

If your company is weather sensitive and you have employees who need to interpret weather data and forecast information, don't run the risk of them misinterpreting the forecasts and data.

DayWeather has years of experience instructing and training private and governmental entities with in-person and custom video instruction.

Customized Weather Forecasting

DayWeather can make your weather sensitive business more efficient and more profitable by staying one step ahead of the weather.

Avoid costly delays, schedule employees more efficiently and give your customers piece of mind that you are taking the weather into account.

DayWeather can customize weather forecasts to suit your particular needs. Whether it is for an hour-by-hour forecast or you need a 3 month long-range outlook, DayWeather stands ready to build a custom forecast for you.

If your company is involved in roofing, construction, concrete or if you have a lot of employees on the road traveling, DayWeather can build a customize web based forecast (accessible in web and mobile formats). See sample web format below:

Forecasts can also be provided in spoken form, live video conference, fax or email. For more information call 307-638-6054 or

Stratospheric Weather Forecasting and Consulting
The stratosphere is the next frontier in aviation and aerospace. Interest in the stratosphere and what it may offer to the aerospace industry is growing daily.

DayWeather forecasts were critical to the success of the record shattering Red Bull Stratos space dive in 2012.

DayWeather also provided forecasts for the recording breaking Stratex space dive in 2014.

DayWeather also provides stratospheric weather consulting and forecasting for government projects and the aerospace industry. If your organization or company needs stratospheric forecasting and analysis, no one can offer the offer the amount experience and knowledge than DayWeather.

Weather Event Reconstruction
Accidents and damage caused by weather is a fact of life and the demand of forensic meteorology is growing.

Forensic meteorology is the study of meteorology applied to the process of reconstructing weather events for a certain time and location.

Forensic meteorology is accomplished by the analysis of local weather reports, surface observations, radar and satellite images as well as eyewitness accounts.

The weather can be a factor in many insurance and legal claims. Are you involved in a legal or insurance claim where the weather may have been a factor? The DayWeather team can assist you in weather event reconstruction and analysis.


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