Old pictures of Keystone dating back as far at the 1890s.  

These photos are courtesy of  the Gunnerson family, Kent Woodworth, Roger Morgan and Carl Reynolds.

We hope to be adding more pictures and some neat video soon. 

If you have any old pictures of Keystone you would like to share or if you have any input/knowledge concerning any of these photos, please let us know via email!  

We would like to gather as much historical information on the Keystone area as possible and make it available here.

We would like to add captions to each photo in the near future and any input would be greatly appreciated! The first picture below makes a great desktop wallpaper on your computer. Download a desktop version here.



Possibly the "Old Company Store" near Keystone Creek

Cabin in Keystone


Cabin in Keystone

Bill Roper (aka Ropers Cabins) (aka Echo Lodge).

Vic Carlen (sic?)

Florance Mine (looks like Keystone, but MAY be the Florance Mine. (Picture digitalized by Carl Reynolds).

Stamp mill in Keystone- (Picture digitalized by Carl Reynolds).

Stamp mill in Keystone In the '50s.  Roy Wallen in the 3rd story window. (Picture digitalized by Carl Reynolds).

Keystone Stamp Mill (Picture digitalized by Carl Reynolds).

Tie Run on Douglas Creek in Keystone (Picture digitalized by Carl Reynolds).